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Who doesn’t love Pugs?!  I’m a huge Pug lover (have two of my own).  Ever wanted a lovable, snuggable pug of your own? Here’s your chance! All these gorgeous pugs are available for  adoption at DFW Pug Rescue.

Bonnie Jean

Fawn Pug - Bonnie Jean

Fawn Pug in necklace





Male Fawn Pug in tie



Updated 10/2013… Article in Animal Sheltering Magazine – Unforgettable: From Puppy Mill Hell to Doing Quite Well


One month ago, 51 Maltese dogs were abandoned on a rural road in Flower Mound, TX. Flower Mound Animal Services took all of them in and within 2 days, many North Texas rescues came in to help with the ones that were not able to be immediately adopted.

The Humane Society of Flower Mound took in 20 dogs. One of which was Audrey, who gave birth that evening. She gave birth to 4 and 3 survived. I was fortunate to be able to photograph Audrey and her puppies a little over a week ago.  Please take a moment to watch their story and donate to their care of all the dogs who have a long road to recovery. Thank you to everyone who has been following their story and offered help.

Now, I’d like you to meet Audrey and her precious puppies, lucky enough to be born into safe hands.


Thank you to Flower Mound Animal ServicesHumane Society of Flower Mound, Homeward Bound Animal Rescue, Collin County Humane Society, Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Metroport Humane Society, Animal Rescue of Texas, Richardson Humane Society, and Denton Humane Society.

Please do not purchase puppies from a pet store, online, or at trade shows. By doing so, you are supporting the puppymills that subject their dogs to this kind of suffering. Adopt from your local rescue, shelter, or humane society.

I’d like to introduce you all to a very special boy. Meet Trooper, a one year old, male German Shepard/Husky mix! Trooper was pulled from Dallas Animal Services last week. We believe he is a Distemper survivor as he has a “twitch” (shown in video below).  He is also being treated for an upper respiratory infection (most likely caused from being in the shelter for 5 days). Trooper will be visiting a neurologist soon to confirm the cause of the twitch.

I’ve only fostered Trooper for 1 1/2 days now, but he’s really touched my heart. He LOVES other dogs… he fit immediately into our family (3 children and 3 dogs). He is so much a pack animal. He follows my 3 dogs around so much wanting to be part of the “in” crowd. lol  He loves people just as much. I have 3 young boys and he adores them, always soaking up the attention. Trooper is housebroken and knows the “sit” command. He doesn’t like so much to be crated, but will sleep quietly at the end of your bed.

Trooper will need a very special family. One that can overlook his disability… if you can even call it that. He can do anything any other dog can do and is really enjoying life right now!


Dog in tie


This is Trooper’s twitch, which he may have the rest of his life…

Trooper LOVES toys!

If you’re interested in Trooper or another dog/cat to adopt, please visit





The Town of Hickory Creek, TX has a wonderful animal shelter and today I was able to go out and photograph the animals there. They don’t have very many animals (4 dogs and 3 cats), but the ones they do have are all so sweet!!  This is really a beautiful animal shelter… very new and so clean. It was really a pleasure to be there. I highly encourage you to go out there and see for yourself the wonderful animals and facility they have.

Sadie is a 1.5 year old, Female, Blue Heeler…  

Blue Heeler

Duncan is a 6 year old, Male,  American Eskimo mix…UPDATE: Duncan has been RESCUED!!!

American Eskimo Mix - Hickory Creek Animal Shelter

Batman and Robin are 3 year old male Chihuahuas and are a bonded pair that would do best if adopted together….


Scrappy is a female Domestic Short Hair…

Tabby Domestic Short Hair

Peewee is a black female Domestic Short Hair…

Black cat - Domestic Short Hair

Tinkerbell is a black female Domestic Short Hair…

Black cat - Hickory Creek Animal Shelter

For More information on these animals, please visit their Petfinder page…

The Town of Hickory Creek Animal Adoption Center
970 Main St., Hickory Creek, TX 75065
Tel: 940-465-7444

ACO KC Epperson

ACO Alyssa Martinez

Hearts Speak Member

The Hickory Creek Animal Shelter found me by contacting If you are a rescue or shelter that could use a professional photographer to photograph your animals, please contact them to find someone in your area. If you are a photographer that would like to help the homeless animals in your community find homes, please consider joining!


Meet Bailey and Guiness. Two (almost) 5 month old Great Pyrenees puppies and already over 55 lbs.
Bailey and Guiness are 100% purebred Great Pyrenees puppies and guess what?… they came from RESCUE! Who needs to spend thousands of dollars to get a purebred puppy? Not you! Just keep your eyes open at your local rescue and save a life!

I must admit I was pretty exhausted after our session with these crazy pups. I can’t imagine how tired mom was as she did all of the work keeping them still! 🙂

Great Pyrenees Puppies


Dog standing by fire hydrant

Great Pyrnees puppies in field

Puppies whispering

Great Pyrenees puppy close-up

Great Pyrenees puppy close-up

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k