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Updated 10/2013… Article in Animal Sheltering Magazine – Unforgettable: From Puppy Mill Hell to Doing Quite Well


One month ago, 51 Maltese dogs were abandoned on a rural road in Flower Mound, TX. Flower Mound Animal Services took all of them in and within 2 days, many North Texas rescues came in to help with the ones that were not able to be immediately adopted.

The Humane Society of Flower Mound took in 20 dogs. One of which was Audrey, who gave birth that evening. She gave birth to 4 and 3 survived. I was fortunate to be able to photograph Audrey and her puppies a little over a week ago.  Please take a moment to watch their story and donate to their care of all the dogs who have a long road to recovery. Thank you to everyone who has been following their story and offered help.

Now, I’d like you to meet Audrey and her precious puppies, lucky enough to be born into safe hands.


Thank you to Flower Mound Animal ServicesHumane Society of Flower Mound, Homeward Bound Animal Rescue, Collin County Humane Society, Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Metroport Humane Society, Animal Rescue of Texas, Richardson Humane Society, and Denton Humane Society.

Please do not purchase puppies from a pet store, online, or at trade shows. By doing so, you are supporting the puppymills that subject their dogs to this kind of suffering. Adopt from your local rescue, shelter, or humane society.

I’m so excited to announce that my work will be featured on the cover of next months issue of The BARK Magazine (The Bark, Issue 66, Sept/Oct 2011).

Bark Magazine Cover Image

Show in the picture are two puppies that I fostered (in the middle) next to their two siblings. All these puppies are parvovirus survivors and all but one have been adopted to really wonderful families. The beginning of that journey you can read by clicking here.

If you’d like to view the articles about me and HeARTs Speak written by the fabulous Lisa Wogan (a contributor to Bark), you can view them here…

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