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I was contact in February by Meagan who found me through the Joy Session Website.  She wanted me to photograph her beautiful Great Dane mix,  Daisy after she was diagnosed with cancer the day after Christmas.

Meagan met Daisy  7 years ago after an extremely difficult time in her life. Meagan was volunteering at the SPCA of Texas  by walking the dogs. After meeting Daisy and noticing about much that Daisy looked like Meagan felt, there was an immediate connection. Not prepared at all to adopt a dog, she left the shelter. On her drive home, she called her mom and told her about this dog she met. Her mom urged her to go back and adopt her and she did. When Meagan returned to the shelter, there was a man in her kennel and Daisy looked terrified. Meagan told this man that Daisy was hers. He looked at her like she was crazy, but when Daisy came over and sat on her feet, he realized they weren’t meant to be together.  Daisy was one very lucky girl that Meagan saved her that day because the next day, Daisy got bloat and almost died. Had Meagan not gotten her the treatment she needed immediately she would not have survived. That was the beginning of their life together.

In Meagan’s words “Daisy Martin was a most precious soul and hands down one of the greatest blessings in my life. She knew I was hers before I did and spent her time on Earth teaching me to slow down, be more patient, pick cuddle time over chores, and to always take time to breathe everything in. ”




Goose is one of the most silly dogs I’ve photographed in a long time. His mom told me he could balance things on his nose, so I found a few fun things to try!

What do you think? Do you think he’s got talent? I DO!

Rhodesian Ridgeback balancing donutsRhodesian Ridgeback balancing donutRhodesian Ridgeback balancing cookieRhodesian Ridgeback balancing hot dogRhodesian Ridgeback balancing orange on noseRhodesian Ridgeback balancing pencil on faceRhodesian Ridgeback balancing sugar donut on nose

I recently came back from co-teaching a pet photography workshop in Lake Tahoe, NV. One of the models was a dog that I fostered as a little puppy 2 1/2 years ago. This is Paisley and she is also the sister to my dog, Portia. I haven’t seen her since she was adopted over 2 years ago so this was quite a thrill for me! She has grown up to be one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen!

Sorry for such a large image share, but it was hard to pick just a few. She was a fantastic dog to photograph (mostly because of her beauty!!) but also because she’s been so well trained in sit/stay!

Long haired black Great Dane MixLong haired black Great Dane MixBlack Dog on rockBlack Dog in Lake Tahoe, NVClose up of long haired black dogLarge Black dog on rockBlack and white dog on rockBlack and White long haired dog in Lake TahoeGreat Dane Mix DogBlack dog at sunsetClose up of black dog with tongue outBlack dog on tree stumpSide view long haired black dogBlack and white Great Dane Mix


If you subscribe to Bark Magazine, you may remember her (second from left) from the Oct 2011 cover, shown here:

Bark Magazine puppies


Boxer tilting his head

 (BTW, Finley is available for adoption at Save The Boxers)

Ever wonder how I get these adorable head tilts? Wonder no longer!  Crazy noises!  I’ve found some really unusual noises that seem to intrigue my subjects.

I use whistles, squeakers, duck calls, crow calls, squirrel calls, etc. The idea here is to find a noise that the dog has never heard before to really make him curious. AND!…. They even have an app for that! Browse your phone apps to find one you can download.  Or if you’re really talented, you can make crazy noises with your mouth. I’m pretty lacking in that department though 😉

Please meet Romeo. My newest foster cat, a 5 year old Seal Point Birman. The moment I laid eyes on him I felt an immediate connection to him. He was not only absolutely gorgeous, but looked almost identical to the first cat I had after moving out of my parents home and into my first condo. Mufasa, a Ragdoll  kept me company when I was living alone. He provided me with so much joy, love and laughter. Seeing Romeo brought back all those wonderful and comforting memories of Mufasa. Mufasa passed away 2 years ago after being with me for 16 years. When I look at Romeo, I’m in love all over again. Yes, he is beautiful, but as I get to know his amazing personality I’m finding it even harder to imagine letting him go. He’s so laid back and friendly.  Nothing is confirmed and I still want to get to know him a little bit longer while I’m fostering him. I hadn’t planned on adding a cat to our household anytime soon. But… some things might be meant to be.

Seal Point Birman


This was Mufasa… yes, sadly I have no good pictures of him. This was taken before my photographic journey.

Mitted Seal Point Ragdoll

Diana brought Stevie to me for her “glamour shots”.  I have never seen “comb over” ears like this before! LOL  She is just so precious and was so comfortable in front of the camera. I couldn’t get enough of her.  When Stevie gets excited, her ears flop outward so she had to be totally relaxed to capture this very unique look of hers, which was super important to mom. She also wanted to capture her adorable underbite, so it was important there was little to no panting during the session. Honestly, it wasn’t hard at all… she made herself right at home 🙂  Love this girl!

Stevie was adopted in 2011 from Legacy Boxer Rescue. If you’d like a Boxer, please consider adopting from Legacy or your local Boxer Rescue.

White Boxer with underbiteWhite boxer with brown eye and mouth openBoxer in pink scarffemale boxer in green scarfFemale boxer on blue couch

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